Ketogenic diet is healthy

Basically, the larger the LDL particles, the fewer of them float in the body. This type of diet helps to grow small particles of LDL, preventing more of them from floating in the bloodstream Choco Lite Review. The smaller the LDL particles, the more dangerous they are because they can not float freely and can plug blood vessels.

The goal of the ketogenic diet as anti-cancer therapy is to feed healthy cells and weaken or starve the sick. This is possible because healthy cells can get most of the energy they need from ketones, ketone bodies, or ketone acids, molecules that the liver makes from fats.

In contrast, most tumor cells are not able to do so, as their preferred food is glucose, followed by proteins. If there is no rare metabolic or genetic alteration, the ketogenic diet is healthy and has no side effects (except for a sensation of lowering of energy at the beginning, which is exceeded in a few days Choco Lite Review).

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