Any parasite to survive

On the contrary we also fear a good list of foods and plants that favor the good internal balance of the organism becoming our allies. With a good production of stomach acid, a good level of healthy bacteria and a correct production of bile Detoxant Review, it is not possible for any parasite to survive for a long time.

The worms need an acidic environment due to the decomposition of sugars and putrefaction generated by the ingestion of processed or unhealthy foods. It is very important to eat raw vegetables and fruit juices that provide enzymes and necessary elements for our own defense.

Many people have low levels of stomach acid, which is the cause of many of their intestinal problems since the body is not able to defend itself against intruders Detoxant Review. Sauerkraut or cabbage juice / sauerkraut is one of the most powerful stimulants for your body to produce acid.

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